Patient stories

Find out what it’s like to come to Duchy Hospital for cardiology tests and heart treatments. Our patients share their experiences of treatment with the cardiology consultants in the CardioScope team.

  • Denise

    In her mid 70s, Denise had two mini strokes in spite of apparently being fit and healthy and a non-smoker. The team at CardioScope helped her manage problems with her mitral valve and atrial fibrillation.

    Denise’s story
  • Helen

    Helen started suffering from blackouts in her late fifties, but struggled to get a diagnosis or any treatment. A referral to CardioScope helped her understand what was happening and get the right treatment.

    Helen’s story
  • Sasha

    Sasha had been having unexplained heart palpitations for years. When things started getting worse her GP referred her to CardioScope who were able to offer diagnosis and effective treatment.

    Sasha’s story